Monday, March 2, 2009


Welcome to our Wedding Blog! I thought it would be fun to introduce Shane and myself in a little more depth than our announcements will allow. I met Shane about 5-6 years ago while country dancing at Trolley Square (when dancing was held in the old Eddie Bower Building). I remember he had on a tight fitting black shirt and jeans. He asked me to dance and I remember thinking, "wow, this guy is hot AND a good dancer!" I was still dating someone else at the time so I only gave him a passing thought. I believe from his perpestive, he thought I was pretty good looking too, but he was dating someone else too anyway. I never remembered giving him my phone number but at some point he got it. He says he thought I gave it to him but wasn't really sure how he got it either. It's been so long ago though that I honestly can't remember. Over the next three years or so (and after I was single again) we would see each other at the country dances. We would dance on occasion and then there was the day Shane tried to impress me by teaching me how spider lungs work. I patiently listened for about 30-40 minutes then I asked if we might be able to go dance now. Shane asked me out on numerous occasions but they tended to be late at night (he worked at Jordan Commons and would screen movies late at night) but for the most part I turned him down. Then the turning point happened. Shane had a very dear pet named Neptune (a Water Monitor) pass away. He called me up a few days after it happened and was looking for a friend. I told him to grab us some dinner and come on over. We ate rice bowls with pulled pork from one of Shane's favorite resturants called "Rumbi's" and then ended up doing a little kissing. And that was our first official date. We've been dating ever since! In September of 2007 Shane and I and my sister Jenny met up in Moab to climb the famous Castle Rock Tower (aka Castleton). Jenny had never really climbed before and we were taking her on a very daring adventure. This climb is a 400ft climb and a 400ft repel. Shane took the lead, Jenny was between us, and I was following in the rear. It took us about two hours to climb it but we succeeded! Shane and I worked together as a team to get us all up and down that climb. It was an amazing day! It had been just over two years since we started dating when the biggest suprise of my life came about. (It came out after the fact that Shane had been planning things for quite some time. Pretty much since around the time we did the Castlerock climb.) In February of 2008, Shane and a friend of ours went for a drive down to Moab and took all the dogs for a hike back up to Castlerock. They went in search of a "rock", but not just any rock. Shane was looking for a rock with Calcite on it. Calcite had been our biggest challenge on our climb we did back in September. He thought it would be a good reminder of how we overcame a challenge by working together as a team. He brought the rock back to Salt Lake City and took it too a jeweler. The jewler looked at it and told him that it was probably too soft. There was sandstone on the other side which was definately too soft, but the jeweler said he would grind on it and see what he could find. The jeweler called Shane back a few hours later and told him that there was natural onyx inside the rock and it WAS hard enough to make a ring out of. (The jeweler also told him he ought to claim a stake on Castle Rock for natural onyx.) Shane picked out the setting of white gold and had the jeweler make it into a ring. I was scheduled for eye surgery on Friday, May 23rd so on Thursday, May 22nd Shane told me that I ought to dress up a bit and try to sneak down onto the floor and dance a few songs at the dance club I DJ at since I would be out of commission for the next couple weeks with my eye recovering. Shane was working down at the theater at Thanksgiving Point that day because they were shorthanded and so I hadn't seen him all day. I had hoped to see him at lunch that day but he had been busy running errands. Once I got to the club and got the dance up and running, I made up a playlist on my DJ computer and slipped downstairs to dance a few songs. Then I heard my name being called out over the loud speaker. Steve, my boss at the club, was calling me. Dang! Caught! I headed back up stairs and sat back down in the booth a bit dejected. Steve was bringing a spotlight into the booth and said he wanted to spot light the dancers on the stage. Then he said he had to make an announcement and wanted to know where the wireless mic was. I told him that it hadn't been working tonight. He then ran out of the room. I honestly didn't think much about it. A few minutes later, Steve came back in to the booth and wanted to make his announcement. He turned his spotlight onto someone dressed all in white that was up in the rafters. Said that it was Indiana Jones (now the newest Indie movie was coming out that weekend so I thought maybe he was doing some kind of promotion/sponsership for the movie) and then he asked me (over the mic) to go down to the floor. (What?! Please don't tell me I'm going to be part of some weird Indie Promotion!) After a couple of promptings, I finally started heading down to the floor. I was half way down the stairs when I finally could see who was up in the rafters dressed in white... it was SHANE! (What was he doing up there?? Wait.. No... Really?? No... No way.. What is he doing up there?) Steve got back on the mic and told everyone that I had waited a long time for this. Shane was trying to say something to me (but the wireless headset wasn't working) so instead he just quickly repelled down out of the rafters (spotlight still on), untied his harness, his friend Jerson handed him a box and in front of 900 people... he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I screamed out a yes and basically climbed on top of him and gave him a big kiss. I started to cry and then everyone rushed in to congratulate us. Turns out Shane had invited a good portion of our friends to be there that night so that was really nice. I was so excited that Shane will tell you I ignored him the rest of the night.. I was texting everyone I could think of because I was so excited! We decided to have a long engagment. It will be about 11 months by the time we get married since we got engaged. The reasoning behind it was that we had watched so many of our friends try to put together weddings in 2-3 months and it was always so rushed and stressful and sometimes not very well put together. We decided to take our time and make it into something we really would enjoy. These past 10-11 months have past really fast and the wedding is quickly approaching. We have both met a lot of new family members on both sides of the family, and many of our family members have asked us what we want for our wedding and/or where we are registered. We are not registering anywhere and for good reason. We are both a little older and are not just starting out in life. We are both very well established. (We both have condos, furniture, electronics, dishes, sheets, towels, and all the basics for everyday life... twice over) The only thing we really wanted was to go on an amazing honeymoon, and so we are. Shane has always wanted to go to Thailand to go "deep water soloing" (which is rock climbing over deep water with out a rope (so when you fall, you just land in the water). I love to travel and Thailand seemed like a very intriging place to visit. So that is where we have decided to go on our honeymoon. We know that many friends and family want to help us start our new lives together. So very politely we ask that if you do want to help us out, in lieu of gifts we would truely appreciate help with our long awaited and very exciting honeymoon. Shane and I hope that this little blog gave you a small instite on how the story of "us" came to be about. We love each other very much and are very excited to start a new life together. We love YOU our wonderful friends and family and hope to see you at our reception where will will be having country dancing (since that is how we met) and some other fun activities to make the night even more exciting! Thank you for stopping by! Shane and Rindy April 25, 2009 The Woods on Ninth Reception 6:30 - 9:00pm


  1. I can not tell you both how excited I am for you guys!!! Thank you for the invite and for sharing your story on your blog. I enjoyed hearing more of the story and Rindy's point of view. Congratulations! We will see you on April 25th!
    ps: sorry we didn't make it to your party. We had our little girl, Brookelynn, on the 18th and I had a c-section so I've been recovering.

  2. What a great story! It's fun getting the inside scoop on your engagement AND getting a peek into your lives. I'm glad to be a part of your wedding and look forward to seeing you then!

  3. I like it. =)

    And I took one of those pictures! Hurray!